Streamlining HYH, Adding CUH coil offerings, Fan Coil Configurator

Feb 20, 2019

Always the best climate for STREAMLINING


IBG style grille change

We are in the process of improving our IBG style grille. This will be a minor cosmetic change and will not impact capacity. The difference will be noticeable when the two styles are placed next to each other, as shown in the photo below. Please keep the visual differences in mind if there are any multiphase projects. Our inventory of the current grille is limited and our ability to supply it for specific projects will be limited by the overall demand. Drawings and catalogs will be updated with this change by March 1, 2019.



Cabinet Unit Heater coil offering

Coming June 1, 2019, we will be adding a 3 and 4 row coil offering to all Cabinet Unit Heater models. With the growing demand for low water temperature applications we are excited for the possibilities this addition will bring for the Cabinet Unit Heater products moving forward. This update will be applied to Rittling Online, with an update to E-ZSelect to follow.


Fan Coil configurator adjustments

This week, we are in the process of making some updates and adjustments to the fan coil offering, including models, options and accessories. In an effort to streamline the ordering process we will be changing the offerings to reflect the most common options and unit configurations. This adjustment to our standard offering will move some options into custom items. They will still be available via custom quoting requests.


For any comments, questions or concerns, please contact your Inside Sales Representative or Product Manager.