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Industrial Air Purification Systems

In any industrial setting, clean air is essential. Fine particles in the air can cause a whole host of problems: cross-contamination in food processing, fine dust in packaging and logistics, or toxic welding fumes, just to name a few. Our industrial air cleaners eliminate these dangerous particles at their source, keeping you, your employees, and your business safe. Connect with Zehnder, and we’ll find the perfect solution for your business.


Heating & Cooling


Commercial Induction and Chilled Beams

NuClimate has been part of the Zehnder Group portfolio since 2018. NuClimate develops and manufactures induction beams and chilled beams for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.



Electric and Hydronic Towel Radiators, Wall Radiators, Wall Panel Radiators, Baseboard Radiators

Runtal has been part of the Zehnder Group portfolio since 1988. In Europe, the premium brand radiators were integrated into the Zehnder brand product portfolio under the Studio Collection product line. In North America, Runtal continues to manufacture exclusive radiators that combine a deep understanding of material and function with a flair for product and interior design.



Radiant Heating and Cooling Ceiling Panels & Hydronic Heating

Rittling has been part of the Zehnder Group portfolio since 2006. Rittling is well known in the North American commercial sector for hydronic terminal heating and cooling products. Today, the company’s focus is on manufacturing and distributing products and systems that ensure a healthy indoor climate and the efficient use of energy.




Residential & Commercial Indoor Air Quality Products

Lifebreath brands has been part of the Zehnder Group since 2022. Lifebreath manufactures energy recovery ventilation and heat recovery ventilation ERV/HRV systems for residential and commercial builds throughout Canada and the United States.


Zehnder America

Residential Air Distribution Systems

Zehnder America has been part of the Zehnder Group portfolio since 2010. Zehnder America produces and sells comfortable indoor ventilation and air cleaning systems across North America.