Carboline Radiant Ceiling Panels

Highly energy efficient with even heat distribution.

Zehnder Carboline Ceiling Panels are an elegant and innovative response to the requirements placed on modern indoor climate control – in summer and in winter. This is because Zehnder Carboline allows rooms to be heated and cooled.


These ceiling panels work in a variety of applications such as offices, schools, hospitals, meeting rooms, and operating rooms. Zehnder Carboline guarantees even heat distribution within a room and extremely high energy efficiency.

Zehnder Carboline sets new standards for radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels in terms of performance, temperature distribution and controllability.

What distinguishes Zehnder Carboline from other ceilingmounted systems? Expanded natural graphite. The excellent thermal conductivity properties guarantee an extremely even distribution of temperature for cooling or heating loads and produce a much higher radiant component than comparable ceiling-mounted systems. Carboline panels can exchange 95% of the heating and cooling energy from the water running through the copper tubes whereas a standard panel can only achieve 84%.



  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Sports facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Operating rooms


Technology and performance

  • Very high heating/cooling output
  • Extremely quick reaction time to temperature change
  • Low storage mass
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Lower heating and higher cooling flow temperatures further enable the use of alternative energy sources
  • Solar cells and heat pumps for heating
  • Ground water for cooling
  • Simple and quick installation

Economic efficiency

  • Cooling and heating with a single system
  • High energy savings due to the radiation principle
  • Low investment/operating costs
  • Long service life

Comfort and health

  • No drafts or dust dispersal
  • Even heat distribution
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Optional perforated design for acoustic absorption

Carboline Radiant Ceiling Panels