Induction Units

Rittling Induction Units

Air quality and acoustical performance Rittling Induction Units are designed for operation in North American climates. By effectively blending conditioned outside air with filtered room air, a constant supply of air maintains comfortable conditions in the space.

Zehnder Rittling offers a complete line of complementary cabinetry for our Induction Units. The cabinetry provides a stylish look while maintaining proper air flow to allow operation at peak efficiency.



Rittling Induction Units are used for space saving and economical air conditioning in office buildings, hotels, schools, apartments and elderly housing to provide year round comfort. As installed units age over time, look to Zehnder Rittling for custom cabinetry solutions, even for competitive models, in retrofit applications.

First cost savings

Reduces the required volume of air when compared to a conventional air system. Primary air volume is based upon ventilation requirements. This greatly reduces the ductwork and the central air handler sizes. 


Energy savings

Water temperatures for heating and cooling are not as high or low, respectively, as in a standard heating and cooling system. Perfect for condensing boiler applications used today.


Low central station air handling system costs

Installation costs are minimized by reducing the requirements for the building service connections for electricity, water and drainage.


Quiet reliable operation

Each induction unit has a specially designed balancing damper, acoustical plenum insulation and high efficiency nozzles and coils. No sound generating equipment in the space such as fans.

Lower maintenance costs

Rittling induction units have no moving parts thus reducing the required maintenance. Only the lint screens need to be cleaned occasionally.


Gravity heating

Available on vertical units, the air distribution system can be shut down to save fan horsepower.


Simple, economical convector style heating

Hot water circulates to maintain the temperature in unoccupied rooms.


Nine models available

Low profile wall hung, vertical wall hung and ceiling mounted types. Each model has 4 lengths and 5 nozzle arrangements to meet the desired outside air ventilation and heating/cooling capacities for the application. „

Two-pipe and four-pipe systems

Provide an almost unlimited range of cost and energy saving design options. „


Variety of options available

Electric heat, different coil connections, nozzle styles and drain pan configurations. „


Custom cabinetry

Available for new and replacement installations. Powder coated durable sheet metal cabinet fit to suit the project. Adjustability is built into the cabinet design for variances found in the field. Step-by-step installation instruction manual for the contractor responsible for installation is included.



Nine models are available in low profile wall hung, wall hung and ceiling mounted types. Each model has 4 lengths and 5 nozzle arrangements to meet the desired air flow. The vertical units are best suited for under the window applications to counteract downdrafts during the heating season. Horizontal units are the best choice where the use of full length draperies is desirable and heating requirements are not too severe.

Ceiling models

Model HC: Horizontal ceiling 2-pipe system

Model H4C: Horizontal ceiling 4-pipe system



Wall models

Model VL: Vertical wall with low profile 2-pipe system

Model V4L: Vertical wall low profile 4-pipe system

Model VH: Vertical wall with heat recovery stack 2-pipe system

Model V4H: Vertical wall with heat recovery stack 4-pipe system

Model V4W: Vertical wall 4-pipe system

Model V2H: Vertical wall with heat recovery stack high capacity coil 2-pipe system

Model VW: Vertical wall 2-pipe system

Induction Units