Heat Pumps

The Quietest Heating Solution For Your Home or Business

The perfect room climate is today, more than ever, a question of economic energy use and active climate control. The solution for efficient and energy-saving heating and cooling is the Zehnder Rittling Water Source Heat Pumps. Simple to install and virtually unheard, Zehnder Rittling Water Source Heat Pumps provide the quietest solution to the commercial marketplace.

As well as the reliably high product quality associated with all Zehnder Rittling products, our Water Source Heat Pumps offer a number of advantages: the heavy duty construction and custom applications capability provided by the Zehnder Rittling engineering team maximizes flexibility of selection and minimizes cost of installation.

As an added service, Zehnder Rittling experts are able to help with complex specification plans through our competent sales team who can visit the site if requested.



As the world’s focus progresses towards sustainable energy sources in order to conserve our planet’s non-renewable reserves of fossil fuels and more energy efficient products, Zehnder Rittling Water Source Heat Pumps lead the way to provide you with the most healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient indoor climate possible. Zehnder Rittling Water Source Heat Pumps can utilize geothermal technology which collects the natural energy of the earth to provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer or can operate in a conventional condensing water loop with boiler and cooling tower combination.

Zehnder Rittling Water Source Heat Pumps are ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications. Our Water Source Heat Pumps allow for a multi-zone decentralized design approach. The desirability of having heating or cooling available in any room or zone, at any time, optimizes comfort. The heat transfer medium, water or anti-freeze blend, is delivered to the space mixing the hot and cold quantities as required to maintain the desired temperature. All Zehnder Rittling Water Source Heat Pumps are designed for geothermal applications as well as a conventional closed loop boiler and cooling tower application.

  • Energy-efficiency: all units exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requirements
  • Energy Star Partner labeled
  • All units certified to AHRI/ASHRAE/ISO 13256-1 specifications
  • All units tested for sound to AHRI 350-86
  • Coated aluminum air coils expedite condensate drainage
  • Stainless steel drain pans are provided as a standard feature
  • Quadruple sound attenuation provides quite operation, most units better than NC-35



Zehnder Rittling Water Source Heat Pumps yield a wide and diverse opportunity for commercial applications. Typical installation locations include:

  • Office buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Public buildings
  • Medical or health care facilities