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Rittling Fanvector

Combining forced air heating technology with a history of innovative hydronic heating excellence, the Rittling Fanvector provides solutions for today’s heating challenges.

The advent of high efficiency, low temperature condensing boilers brings new challenges to naturally convective hydronic heating solutions, particularly in applications with high perimeter heat loss or cold glass fall off. The Rittling Fanvector meets this challenge in a compact, robust package by combining quiet, reliable tangential blowers and an enhanced, corrugated fin heat exchanger design. The result is a quiet, compact forced air convector with capacities up to 400% higher than naturally convective alternatives. With its core technology based on a natural convective heat exchanger design, Rittling Fanvector’s benefits carry over to high temperature applications, too.


  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Output capacity up to 400% higher than naturally convective alternatives
  • Standard variable fan speed controls and optional thermostats help provide optimal comfort control
  • Three standard lengths: 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. can be used in four inlet/outlet configurations
  • Three recessed floor lengths also available
  • Easy, flexible installation via:
    • Single point electrical connection
    • Same end or opposite end water connections
    • Integrated, internal electrical controls
    • Key-hole mounting slots
  • Robust, attractive 16 gauge, epoxy powder coated steel enclosure with pencil-proof, flush louvers and secure access doors
  • Contact the factory for custom controls, sheet metal, trim and color matching
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