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Rittling Linear Radiant Ceiling Panels


The Rittling Linear Radiant Panels have been used for years along the perimeter of buildings to reduce the perimeter heat load. Constructed from an aluminum extrusion with a copper tube mechanically inserted on the back. The extrusion has a castellated or fluted appearance on the room side, for an attractive and aesthetically pleasing finish. This high performance system can easily be integrated into existing and new grid ceilings. Suitable for all commercial applications particularly office projects.

Ideal for

  • Grid ceiling systems
  • Wall to wall installations along perimeter


  • 6” to 36” wide panels available
  • Up to 16’ long panels to reduce field labor
  • Custom lengths available on request
  • Mitered cuts when necessary

Linear Radiant - School


The cooling and heating ceiling creates an even temperature throughout the room and can be felt wherever you are sitting. It is important to create a comfortable indoor climate in order for pupils and teachers to concentrate better. The linear radiant ceiling panel also offers ideal energy consumption and easy maintenance. Due to the low storage mass, the linear panels can precisely regulate the room temperature even with continually changing internal loads such as the additional heat given off from computers and people, thereby saving precious energy. Maintenance is also simple, as the ceiling is maintenance-free and protected against damage because of where it is installed.

A list of all benefits of linear radiant panels as used in schools:

  • Comfort
  • Energy efficient
  • No maintenance
  • Floor and walls freely usable
  • Even distribution of temperature
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Extended cleaning intervals within the rooms and very hygienic, as no dust swirl
  • Integration of lighting, air vents, loudspeakers, smoke alarms
  • Various ceiling types can be used, e.g. grid ceiling or metallic ceiling
  • No damage possible
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